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"Helping others on their journey is my passion"

Your Wellbeing

I help you feel like yourself again, and I do that by taking you through proven systems step-by-step.

First, we start by taking a brief look at your past, (minimum detail is often enough ) your current lifestyle and then figure out who you want to be moving forwards – so we are 100% clear on what “feeling like yourself again” means to you. Then we find ways to create space in your life to work on prioritising you- yourself maybe for the first time in your life. Together we make adjustments to your life l style creating a huge positive impact using various modalities , protocols and any necessary complementary therapies.

My system is totally client led, ensuring you get to where you want to be in your life.
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Fully insured, compliant and over 23 years experience.


I sell sublime crystals and healing jewellery at prices we can all afford. I have limitless variety as well as regular deliveries of fresh new crystals . Aimed at crystals for absolute beginners as well as collectors and museum pieces.
Fully insured. With 20 years International and National experience.

Treatments , workshops, training and more.


Anxiety – Weightloss – Confidence – Motivation – Fatigue – Bereavement – Abundance – Relationships – Depression – Sleeping – Fertility – Finding Purpose – Massage – Reflexology – Spiritual Coaching – Searching for Happiness?
These are just a small selection of subjects I can help with.

These are just a small selection of subjects I can help with.

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We offer many workshops including crystal workshops, reiki 1 and 2 master, anxiety management and life coaching.


Laila offers a range of holistic healing, from Crystal Therapy, Chakra Balance, Reiki and card oracle gentle readings.

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We have a fantastic range of healing jewellery for sale on our online store or you can purchase directly at our studio in Penistone. If you need any advice please contact us

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