About Laila

Laila Lambert Laila Wellbeing

Originally from Yorkshire, Laila left the UK aged just 20 embarking on an adventure, heading for the Middle East. Laila lived in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait then finally Dubai, collecting a cat in each country too!

Laila has managed 5 star salons and nail bars, working as business development manager for various projects within the Beauty and Wellbeing industry in the Middle East. At the same time Laila built up a small business called Sparklefairy selling Crystals and Healing Jewellery, which was well established in Dubai.

Laila was told at 21 by a very wise Irish lady that she was ‘gifted’ with her Crystal Knowledge, that she would never need a book to refer to, and that she will be the ‘Crystal Expert’. Although this should be enough, Laila still completed her VTCT Crystal Therapy to assure quality control and assurance to her clients.

After this conversation Laila naturally embarked on her healing work internationally, whilst still running salons and spa. She had her own clientele whom she coached and used energy work along side to help them create equilibrium. Laila’s most common clients were those suffering with with anxiety and bereavement and wanting help with weight loss.

In Dubai, Laila did readings, healings, treatments, life coaching etc, and often had over 8 clients a day working 11 hour days, as well as working from her treatment rooms / clinics she visited hotels, homes even beds to treat clients with all kinds of ailments, she also had people even travel to have a session with her.

16 years on returning to the UK, she moved to a small town near Stone Henge, where she lived for just over a year, before realising she missed her northern roots. Moving to Rural Sheffield, Laila opened Laila Wellbeing, a small wellbeing Centre offering holistic therapies. She still manages a salon in Somerset with her business partner and often commutes between businesses to oversee operations and treat her regular clients there.

Laila is also delivering workshops on Crystals, Mindfulness ,Self esteem, and many more Wellbeing subjects.

Laila is a huge Russell Brand fan, and loves his philosophies and ideals. She has met him many times and he receives her crystals regularly with appreciation and regular social media public thank you’s.

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She also works alongside the amazing Ian Lawman, Celebrity Psychic and Paranormal Investigator from TV’s Ghost Chasers. Together they have developed his personal brand of protection bracelets and protection mist. Amongst others Bradley Hunt from X factor and socialite is also often spotted wearing Sparklefairy products.
Laila follows a Vegan lifestyle. And adores all things Hare Krishna! 
Yet most recently found her path with Kadampa Buddhism. Laila like most has had huge life changing transitions in her life, including lots of bereavements, which also gives Laila the skill of helping others with similar challenges. She is an avid health and fitness fanatic, and she has almost completed her Gym instructor & Nutrition Level 2, with Yoga Teacher training still in progress.
Laila is also a LEVEL 3 COMPLEMENTARY THERAPIST is qualified in many more fields within Energy Work and Life Coaching.

Laila’s book Crystals Made Easy is now available to purchase here.

What ever you want to achieve, Laila can help.