Accepting our imperfections

Laila perfect

As I have got older I’ve finally come to the part where I accept my imperfections. I won’t lie I have daily struggles like most and have often made mistakes and wrong choices. I guess its the part of who I am and I often the same situations keep arising as i clearly must not learn from it / them.
We must learn to embrace ourselves and cancel the desire for approval from others on how we should or shouldn’t be. It doesn’t happen over night though where we just leap into the air and say “I’m just me! ” it’s a process. It’s about learning to accept all of the parts of yourself, including physical things you may not like.
Being yourself sounds easy. But for most we live our lives seeking approval from others, or targeted others. For some this is almost an addiction and a habit. The approval seeking seems to be imbedded as constant. ( click here for crystals to help with addiction )
Alot of the time we wonder if we will get judged for doing this , doing that and don’t like the thought of ever causing conflict.
Yoga has taught me so far ( I am still on this journey and will always be on it ) that I like most have a huge desire to please others. If not consciously definitely subconsciously.
Ive worked hard on myself the last 16 years particularly. And now don’t care if or how appear a certain way to people. I try to post more photos of me on social media rather than hide like a lot of us do so show this is who I am. I don’t need to appear like I have it all together, and that I am “perfect.”
One simple milestone was when I stopped worrying about my style, how I look back in 2008 when I had huge transition going on in my personal life. I felt liberated and felt it was totally ok and acceptable to wear what ever I wanted and liked.
Body image was an issue for me – that’s no secret, ( read my article on that )
It’s so exhausting and over whelming to try to be everything to everyone. I discovered I don’t give myself any label or fit into any box and that’s totally OK. .
I didn’t realize that prior to deep soul searching I was trying to fit myself into everyone else’s perceptions and society’s perception of “normal” almost like denying everyone and the world of all my gifts and who I really was. I made mistakes / wrong choices and still do daily but I accept I am human and fully aware of my choices and any consequences that may occur. We all make mistakes.
Our imperfections and are often our biggest asset and make us unique.
Not caring what other people think and just ” being ” is something we all struggle with in one way or another.
The most effective thing to help connect with myself is crystals and yoga. Yoga is for me a drug of pure love including Self love. The time on the mat is the time i feel the connection to my Self. The more i move the more i remove the armour and accept any pain that’s happened. I am confronting it layer by layer. So, I just let myself feel on the mat. Not judge it, let it all just be.
Through my daily yoga practice I manage to stop caring so much about what everyone else thinks of me and just focus on being myself. The world is missing out if you are not yourself. Just be you !
Emerald calcite and rose quartz are ideal crystals to help with being ‘you’.
love & crystals
laila xoxo

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