Anyone else feel weird at Christmas ?

Laila christmas selfie
Laila christmas selfie

Over the last few days I have had various messages and emails with people feeling “strange” at Christmas

A mixture of, something missing, anticlimax , this isn’t what I expected, false, superficial , something not right, lonely , disillusion, empty, sad and even a sense of not-belonging. A type of “weirdness” in various forms and stages.
Christmas gives us a lot of lovely happy things , nostalgia , merry and giving.
So can’t always quite understand the “weirdness “ feeling some of us get.
Amongst family we can still feel abit “alone” and confused. Doesn’t seem to make sense but lots have these feelings.
We have lots to be grateful for. Families, children and so on.
But at Christmas, some of us still feel weird and almost loneliness and even inner isolation. It’s a very strange feeling which can’t be quite explained why we feel like this.
Try EMBRACING the Weirdness feeling. Avoid analyzing or judging. Watch the feeling like leaves on a river floating past down a waterfall. Breathe through it.
Understand that a good percentage of people are battling or dealing with some type of internal emotions at Christmas , even the ones that make it look so perfect on social media. Just people don’t want you to know about their internal emotional struggles that’s all.
Christmas is just another day with the pressure to be overly happy.
* by the time Christmas Day arrives we are deflated and so over mass consumerism.
* some have family members no longer here who always used to be around at Christmas
* Some don’t get to see their children due to custody issues.
* We’re suddenly forced into intimacy in friends/ family dynamics which may not always be an ideal combination / situation.
* We aren’t really happy in our current life situation
* We question our life and wonder if it should look or feel different than it actually does and even compare.
Nothing is forever, so know this weird feeling shifts and moves.
And chances are there are a good few others feeling this weirdness aswell
love & crystals
Laila xx

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