So after my last post about asthma and then my very feeling-fed-up insta post I had to go back to the doctors . I’ve got what’s called a flare up , which is like a few weeks or a long asthma attack without immediate panic.

I have a new treatment plan and apparently takes 2 weeks for the daily medication ( Clenil (brown)  inhaler x 4 doses per day ) to work , and then the blue inhaler is to reduce the coughing in the meantime. The Clenil is to act as preventive so that I don’t get actual flare ups and will take a while before that works.

The blue inhaler is to treat the symptoms of the flare up, but unfortunately I am not feeling any benefits from the blue inhaler. And just have to persevere until the clenil starts to work, which is 2 weeks.

So , I am on day 4 of all of this and currently not feeling any better and fed up . Totally . It’s affecting me massively. Interfering with work and simple daily tasks. My asthma is prone in winter -I am much better in summer even though pollen counts are high, natural scents never effect me, its winter and the allergies that come with my asthma are synthetic smells and fragrances. Even doing the washing causes flare up unless I am using all natural detergents. I had it as a child , and thought I grew out of it, through my life I have had various flare ups and Dubai I had bouts of it during Dubai’s winters, even though it was still warm air, it was still the colder air that would hit my chest , and always had the little flare ups with triggers. Then since moving back to UK the last 3 October’s I have had the flare ups. And its inconveniently got much worse.

So my asthma still isn’t controlled yet , 2 weeks apparently and I should experience improvement but so far I really am struggling and cannot quite accept it!  Its interfering with my every day simple tasks , let alone work and other commitments.

What’s concerning is the blue inhaler isn’t relieving the symptoms either 😌.  Whilst they say if you are Asthmatic it can be unnoticed when the correct medication in place , which is reassuring ,  however theres still a little journey I have to go on until its controlled along with discomfort, and frustration until I start to feel better.

Its certainly made me reflect on things and have been trying to figure it out from my Kadampa Buddhism point of view , so I am understanding its my karma, from past life maybe. I also have to work on acceptance that I have it.

Whilst I don’t want a pitter patter party, thankyou for the kind words when I first spoke out about it.


Laila xoxo