Meet Bear our 5th cat

  So this is Bear. I was asked by his lovely breeder if we could give him a loving home because the original family that took him, “didn’t take to him” and handed him back to the breeder with liver failure . Suspected poisoning💔He spent 3 weeks in the vets ( yes 3 weeks ) […]

Crystals to use at a Full Moon

Crystals to use under a full moon, keeping it simple Selenite Selenite is named after the Lunar Goddess, Selene. Which gives you some insight into its significant connection with the moon’s energy. Additionally, Selenite is known for being a crystal which radiates light , helps with decision making and even channeling, it also brings in […]


Hello . Easier to type than to talk sometimes. I wanted to reach out and explain what’s happening behind the scenes. My passion for Crystals is something that will never leave me. I will always be selling Crystals and of course working with them. However my core essence is helping others through their challenges, pain, […]

Crystal Shop in Penistone

Crystal Shop in Penistone, Sheffield. Being online over 20 years selling crystals ( yes that long ) and offering  healing and complementary treatments along side. I finally decided to open my crystals up to the public. Based in beautiful Penistone, rural Sheffield I am lucky to have a beautiful premise to display crystals. From common […]

Did I heal myself ?

So, since October I have had various tests , and symptoms. Since December 24th I have had no symptoms and today at my hospital appointment ( 31st Jan 2022) I have had the all clear from the consultant. So have I healed myself? Did I really get rid of the disease*? Is that possible? I […]

Holistic and complementary therapy in Penistone

Hello, so there is a “about section “ all about me here: But I wanted to introduce myself locally. I am a Wellbeing Coach, Complementary Therapist, Holistic Therapist. Offering Life Coaching, Wellbeing Coaching, Reiki Healing, Crystal Therapy, Crystal Healing, Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, even Tarot Readings and so much more all here in Penistone , Sheffield […]

How to connect to your Crystals

How to connect to crystals  So when we first get into crystals we are all guilty of diving right in, buying every crystal in sight  , thinking it’s pretty and also perfect and just what we need right now, before long we end up with the biggest ever collection of crystals , some you aren’t […]

Haunted Dolls

Long story, I worked with haunted vessels throughout my life, ( including jewellery ) 2005 I lost slight control of what was happening with my life and became overwhelmed with the spirit messages, i was having night terrors and severe sleep paralysis; I sold all my vessels and all my crystals ( yes sold all […]

Over indulgence with foods and weight loss

Weightloss , lifestyle change Before I start I want to make clear here I am pro-body positive but not pro-unhealthy, so while yes we should love our bodies and all our shapes sizes and quirks, overweight by a significant amount is unhealthy, diabetes can occur, high cholesterol and so on , this is poor health […]

How to spot fake Moldavite and other things…

How to spot a fake moldavite So I always get asked if my moldavite is genuine. Never offense ever taken as there is so much fake moldavite about and inexperienced Crystals sellers themselves wouldn’t even know. Sadly I have seen some very successful respected crystal sellers selling fake moldavite-  I believe that its due to […]