Being Compassionate

compassion love mediumBeing Compassionate
What makes us beautiful is our ability to be genuinely compassionate, kind and helpful.
To be there for people and to care for people without wanting anything in return, no other intention but to give.
Humans need love to survive, we cannot survive without it. So spread love. Small Random Acts Of Kindness are such an effective way to share and spread the love. Small gestures, compliments to random strangers. Helping elderly pack their supermarket bags, helping someone cross the road who looks like they could be struggling.
Smile at the gardener, the security guy, she shop assistants. Smiles are contagious. Theses small caring gestures have an effect on the universe, your energy and you can really make someones day if they are on the receiving end of your LOVE.
The more love we share, the more love and gratitude will be available to us.
Need a crystal to support this unconditional selfish love? So many crystals help, but i suggests working with Kunzite , Rose quartz and Morganite especially.——

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