Did I heal myself ?

So, since October I have had various tests , and symptoms. Since December 24th I have had no symptoms and today at my hospital appointment ( 31st Jan 2022) I have had the all clear from the consultant. So have I healed myself? Did I really get rid of the disease*? Is that possible? I […]

Why Christmas was abit different

Laila Wellbeing Holding Crystal

For years I have been self aware. Aware of what comes out of my mouth to how the other person could react. Sensitive to peoples problems and understanding,  and making effort to accept that we are all different. Also aware of my very own thought / thought patterns and cycles. Having self awareness is a […]

Commitment and dedication

2001 I started my love for natural health care and obviously crystals. Year 2007 I fell onto the Buddhism path, I was well read, but never really implemented the teachings. It always sat well with me, but clearly I wasn’t quite ready to adjust my mind fully to the Buddhism way of thinking. Searching constantly […]

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