Meet Bear our 5th cat

  So this is Bear. I was asked by his lovely breeder if we could give him a loving home because the original family that took him, “didn’t take to him” and handed him back to the breeder with liver failure . Suspected poisoning💔He spent 3 weeks in the vets ( yes 3 weeks ) […]

Being Compassionate

compassion love medium

Being Compassionate What makes us beautiful is our ability to be genuinely compassionate, kind and helpful. To be there for people and to care for people without wanting anything in return, no other intention but to give. Humans need love to survive, we cannot survive without it. So spread love. Small Random Acts Of Kindness […]

Twin Flames

twin flame medium

I have had 2 messages in the last 2 weeks about twin flames. 🔥 so thought I would put an article together. Twin flames are *not* soul mates. So try not to confuse the 2. Soul mates are perfect matches ( part of our spiritual family ) Twin flames on the other hand are our […]


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We have all been caught up in it at some point. The ones with more life experience though or function from an empathic soul and heart (some of us have that naturally) are the ones that don’t gossip. Gossip though is pain coming from the mouth of those with scars, wounds and broken hearts. Because […]