Commitment and dedication

2001 I started my love for natural health care and obviously crystals. Year 2007 I fell onto the Buddhism path, I was well read, but never really implemented the teachings. It always sat well with me, but clearly I wasn’t quite ready to adjust my mind fully to the Buddhism way of thinking.
Searching constantly for answers as I went through recovery of anorexia and bereavements  , (another blog post) , I entered the new age philosophies , became obsessed with sacred geometry, paganism, herbs, conspiracies, yoga , energy treatments, energy work and all things natural health ( complementary therapy kind of comes under same umbrella ) This went on and on for over 15 years, including qualifying in huge wellbeing subjects.
15 years on I discovered YOGA and through my yoga journey I somehow then became involved with Hare Krishna’s ! What an amazing group of people they are! Immersed myself in the Bhagvad Gita book, the additional books and teachings of Krishana and I found many of the answers I was looking for. It all was making so much sense  yet the deeper teachings still seemed complex for my brain to comprehend. I spent 3 years loving and watching the Krishna movement.

I still adore all things Krishna and still resonates however 3 years on from my Krishna Era as I call it, and by huge bouts of synchronicity I discovered something that clicked, something that fell into place at an ideal time in my life.
So I spend 3 hours a week immersed in Kadampa Buddhism, MODERN KADAMPA BUDDHISM  – New Kadampa Tradition – founded by International Kadampa Buddhist Union Founder Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche
I spend time at the Buddhist Centre, weekly meditations and study class. I even found myself helping out with admin and taking cash for the drop in meditations! 3 hours a week spend in Kadampa Buddhism Environment , then additional times in the day I dedicate to meditation from the teachings.
Whilst the teachings are adapted to modern people, it is like a step back to 2001 for me, yet this time I was ready to accept we are all responsible for our suffering , and that happiness is a state of mind, and we have to change within , and creating peace on the inside we can achieve peace on the outside (complex statement and more in later blog posts) But Kadampa teachings provides me the answers to most problems, which is also quite a statement to make but true. I will be writing more on Kadampa and how my commitment to Kadampa Buddhism has helped my life.
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Laila xoxo

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