Crystal Facial

How does it work?

I use the GUA SHA method, using a angled gemstone—usually rose quartz, jade or even black obsidian—the tool is used to slide the skin on the face to promote blood flow and energy redirection. The pressure doesn’t have to be too firm… 

Gua sha method is an ancient Chinese practice for energy flow and blood circulation. I also place crystals accordingly on or around the face during the treatments. The results are instant as well as having an amazing long term effect . Often described as the ’natural botox’

What will I feel?

Each client experiences different things. The main thing is you will relax from the treatment. Warmth, heat vibrations and colours may be felt, your face and skin may tingle and feel tight.

How many Crystal Facial treatments will I need?

This truly depends on the individual. Once a week can keep your skin perk , looking healthy and glowing, however every 3 weeks is ideal for a lift (and a emotional lift too)

£35 per 45 min

* all treatments will be done if no medical contraindications