Aura Cleanse & Protect

How does it work?

The Reiki energy helps balance the emotions or speed up any healing process, both physical and emotional. My hands are placed on and around the body depending on what is discussed in consultation as treatments are specific to each individual.

What will I feel?

Each client experiences different things. Warmth, heat vibrations and colours are just some of the experiences you may have. Again each experience is different. The main thing is you will always relax in a treatment even if experiences are minimal.

How many Reiki treatments will I need?

This truly depends on the individual. I usually suggest 4 sessions to receive full benefits within 6 weeks, with that said people can feel uplifted instantly and often feel better from one treatment, thats the amazing benefits of Reiki.

£35 per 1 hour (incl consultation)

* all treatments will be done if no medical contraindications