Connect to sacred healing of the Rose 🌹

It’s no secret I work with the sacred healing energies of Roses.

They are known as highest vibrational flower. 🌹

Their symbolism is connected to mystical orders, angels, saints, goddesses, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene , planet Venus, love and much more.

If you are interested in connecting more closely with the wisdom teachings of the lineage , invoking their energies and connecting to Mother Earth and flowers then here are some suggestions:

– Wearing rose oil, using rose oils in your skin care regime

Burning rose petals , rose essential oil , rose incense

– Bringing roses into your home , have them everywhere if you can

– Work with rose quartz crystals

– Make a aura spray / room spray to invoke the Keepers of the Rose.

Use the spray around you and your aura before prayer meditation or healings , or any other spiritual practice. This will help you to connect

  • Light a small candle and meditate holding a rose in your hand and gently gazing into it and say ‘My heart is now awakened to the mysteries of the rose’

so much love, Laila x

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