Crystals to use at a Full Moon

Crystals to use under a full moon, keeping it simple


Selenite is named after the Lunar Goddess, Selene. Which gives you some insight into its significant connection with the moon’s energy.

Additionally, Selenite is known for being a crystal which radiates light , helps with decision making and even channeling, it also brings in lots of positivity and peace . The Full Moon is known to bring up fears and insecurities so Selenite can be used to help you to process these thoughts and release any negativity, let go and move forward.


Always a favourite, Moonstone is also closely connected to the lunar energy. It is said to support all our Divine Feminine qualities of intuition, psychic ability, and flows with grace , modesty and ease.

Moonstone also brings up what has been hidden in our shadow with the light of the Full Moon. By helping to illuminate the darkness so that you can release what’s been troubling you and move forward.


Last of all amethyst , commonly used as a stress release and as a sobriety stone it can also lower those negative energies , insecurity and fear into the light . Which is always useful for reflection and full moon rituals.

Love, Laila xoxo

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