Did I heal myself ?

So, since October I have had various tests , and symptoms. Since December 24th I have had no symptoms and today at my hospital appointment ( 31st Jan 2022) I have had the all clear from the consultant.
So have I healed myself? Did I really get rid of the disease*? Is that possible?
I will never know the answers, even now.
All I know is I made a few adjustments and set myself off on my own healing plan, which is the following; (adjust yourself depending on the area of concern, reach out to me if you want a prescription plan tailoring , but never to be done instead of conventional medicine and ALWAYS check with your doctor first especially if already on some kind of meds

Here’s what I did:

◦ Wore the particular Crystal for the organ / condition involved
◦ Added support supplements to support that particular organ , herbs that are recommended for that organ / disease*.

◦ After research I also ate the suggested foods/ diet plan to help heal / nurture that area
◦ Increased water to 2 litres per day

◦ 2000mg Tumeric per day

◦ 1800 apple cider vinegar per day

Played Green Tara Mantra daily ( helps with physical suffering ) suggested by my Sangha 🥰 – message me direct for the playlist
◦ Carried the Green Tara Prayer card in my pocket at my hospital appointments. ( given to me also by my Sangha 🥰
◦ Slept with Hz healing illness playing all through the night ( message me for playlist )◦ I also repeated the mantra OM. TARE TUTTARE TURE SOHA in my mind when a negative thought appeared and before I slept. also suggest by my sangha 🥰



Added the relevant crystal on the particular organ each night ( yes falls off but intensive was there ) you can even tape it to your skin!
◦ Held my hand in the area and visualized white light and gave myself healing.
And in 10 weeks I have had the clear.


Love and crystals

Laila ❤️

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