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Does your heart chakra need opening?
If you have any of these emotional symptoms your heart chakra may be unbalanced:
Withholding Love
Lack of Empathy
Lack of Boundaries
Conditional Love
Heart Chakra is one of the most common areas we need to work on.
We have 7 chakras and they are like an orchestra in the body- when one is out the rest can be out.
Chakras represent specific frequencies and colours.
If the Heart Chakra is closed, out of balance, and not moving the frequency it should be, we may find that we can be filled with bitterness, anger, grief, jealousy even hatred, all these emotions are physical manifestations of the heart chakra that needs to be healed.
So we can learn how to Heart Chakra , which is a beautiful experience. Sometimes the blockage has been experienced since childhood or could be a present situation, by opening the heart is then the start of your healing process.
The heart chakra is where physical and spiritual come together. Located at the exact centre of the chest, it corresponds to heart, lungs, thymus gland, and the cardiac plexus.
It is referred to as the Anahata in Sanskrit which means unhurt, it is the spiritual place where past experiences and grief and hurt cannot harm us. The Heart Chakra is associated with the colour green, which stands for transformation and love energy, pink also resonates here at the heart.
If the heart chakra is properly balanced, it shows by your personal conduct. If the Heart Chakra is opened we are full of love, forgiveness and compassion. Conversely, if the heart chakra is blocked it has a negative effect on your emotional health, mental health, physical, and spiritual. Physically you may suffer poor circulation and blood pressure extreme, heart, chest and lung issues. On a Spiritual level , a blocked Heart Chakra can cause a feeling of disconnect and lack of compassion, lack of empathy and even anger and emotionally the struggle of trusting others, even yourself . Deep insecurity , low self esteem and various and fears are also common. These can develop negatively into mental challenges like manipulative behaviours.
When the heart is opened, naturally you feel love and compassion for others and those around. When your heart chakra is balanced it allows us to be our authentic self rather than trying to mold into someone we are not or trying to reach everyone elses expectations.
If we live from Anahata (heart chakra ) then we find it is a joyous and engaging place to live from.
A person with an open Heart Chakra is always altruistic and always respects other people and understanding everyone has their own story to tell. If your heart chakra is open then people around them will notice an easy going peace about you and often want to be in your company and the peace around you is very noticeable When Is The Heart Chakra Blocked?
So how to heal the heart chakra:
So if you are experiencing the symptoms of a closed and imbalance Heart Chakra, you will feel a constant state of negativity about yourself or others in your life, and even bitterness
The way to heal the Heart Chakra is to change your perspective, essentially shifting your frame of mind from one that is always focused on the things that you don’t like, and changing that perspective to one that is full of gratitude.
From this thought process you will begin to realise how grateful you should be for your life, friends and family, your work, your food and a roof over your head.
The very simple act of being grateful for the many things that you have been given so far in this life is what will begin to bring balance into your Heart Chakra.
When it is balanced, you will feel a warm, compassionate joy for and with the world.
Here are some suggestions to help heal the heart chakra:
1) Meditation
So many mediation apps available, also youtube had lots, videos where you can even watch as well as listen.
Just 5 minutes meditation a day can help !
2) Colour
The colour green is associated with the Heart Chakra so even wearing green clothing can help. As can painting with green paint or adding a green plant to your home environment
3) Mantras / Kriya
Mantras are very powerful. Again so many to choose from online for heart chakra. By chanting its a type of meditation
4) Affirmations
Post it notes, typed on your phone as an alarm, drown yourself in positive affirmations
“i am loved” “I am happy” The list goes on, and online so many resources available for affirmation ideas and even print offs
5) Yoga
Every single time. Yoga is the most amazing natural medicine available.
6) Crystals
-Green Aventurine: Releases old patterns, habits and disappointments so new growth can take place. Gives us the zest for life.
-Rose Quartz: Natural healer, pink , soft for the heart, helps open us up , open so we are able to heal. Dispels negativity and calms our emotions.
-Pink Tourmaline: High in lithium helps with anxiety and mood swings. Helps when we lacking zest in life.
-Emerald Calcite: Supports and rid negative mind states. Infuses the heart with understanding and compassion.
Hopefully after work on opening the heart chakra you will then start to feel that you are comfortable in your relationships . You give and receive love easily, and you feel a heartfelt sense of gratitude for how wonderful your life is and you appreciate others and feel compassion for yourself and others without feeling sorry for anyone only empathy.
*Need some healing or jewellery making to help heal your heart chakra? Then contact me!

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