Feel Worthless?

Feeling Worthless?

self worth medium
self worth medium

Some feel like this every single day. Feels like you have missed the ride ? Feeling inadequate and non existent?
Some have passing moments of it.
But we all experience it or have experienced it.
We can let the feeling of not being good enough paralyse us. Even trigger anxiety attacks. It’s the fear of not being good enough.
We can also choose to transcend it.
Fear is the difference of these too paths- the actual perception of this fear.
By feeling inferior we are giving “fear” the remote control of us. We are giving “fear” the power to control our life.
But when we feel content and at ease we take control back and the fear dilutes.
So, we must change out perception, we must rise above. If you are feeling worthless, inadequate and submissive to this fear you are not beneficial to those around you, your partner , friends even children and community.
But the truth is, the world needs you to rise above.
Do not surrender to your fear.
Fear , as I call it is False Expectations Appearing Real. So Fear in many ways does not exist.
Fear comes from being conditioned from parents, school teachers and other people who had an influence on growing up.
With that said I now believe fear can come from so many subliminal messages on Social Media.
If we listen to the lies (aka fear ) we tell ourselves we realize and become “aware” of them then can be able to take back that power of self worth and no fear.
Replacing these made up scenarios with positive truths can help us take even more power back.
By doing this continuously we are able to condition our mind , or re-condition our mind to self belief and begin to feel in control and have self worth again.
Naturally we automatically validate ourself , so by changing the thought process from “ I am not enough “ to “I am enough “ will gain back the positive state. This works in the same way as affirmations
This helps us stand fully in our power with confidence and helps embrace our uniqueness and share.
Rise above that voice. Rise above that negative mind talk. Win it. Tell that voice “ I am enough “
Here is a daily strategy or routine that can help you feel worth it:
1. LOA, oldie but goodie- visualize your dream life, your ideal life and how that will make you feel, connect with every emotion. Even make a vision board or vision book and check in on it daily with all those amazing feelings.
2. Ask what is holding you back? What are your fear stories, what are those lies you are telling yourself?
3. Then drop the fears and validate your worth. Everyday tell yourself I am enough ( use Mala , crystals , meditation and mantra as tools to re confirm your positive thought patterns)
4. Act that alignment and equilibrium . Align your actions with you new positive mind talk and empowering beliefs.
5. Choose love over fear. That simple , no need explanation with that. Self explanatory.
6. Give yourself a check in. Once a week, ask where is my thought process at? Any negative worthless thoughts coming up then align back , reset back to the positive self talk of “I am enough” “I can do this” and so on.
Remember , everyone is good enough, no one is pigeon holed to who deserves to live in abundance or who deserve success or good things to happen to them. We all deserve it.
We are all worthy. We are all adequate.
It’s down to you to get your power back.
Love & Crystals

Laila xo

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