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We have all been caught up in it at some point. The ones with more life experience though or function from an empathic soul and heart (some of us have that naturally) are the ones that don’t gossip.
Gossip though is pain coming from the mouth of those with scars, wounds and broken hearts.
Because these people don’t operate from the heart, or feel incomplete and unloved they gossip, to help themselves feel better and in control. When all along they are far from complete.
Often gossips have being bullied or been badly done to and bitter. They thrive on others mis fortunes. The scary thing is with gossips is how they entice and socially influence others causing the gossip to spread like a cancer. Chinese whispers sounds familiar? Gossips try to but pieces together to confirm what they are saying is the truth, or add something else in that could confirm. Gossips are toxic.
Hurt people, hurt people its like that.
The gossips never think for one minute the impact it has on that person, they have no awareness that humans carry intense sensitivity , that have an inner child that can be hurt. they have no awareness of the life changing damage that they can cause with just gossip. Just because those that are gossiped about may seem to be resilient it doesn’t mean that they hasn’t been a psychological impact on the person gossiped about. As a positive though, the person gossiped about can rise so far above and create success from that, and use the gossip as fuel to drive forward in all areas of their life, using compassion to transform rather than not accepting the gossips pain.
Kind words and actions cost nothing and have many more rewarding benefits than toxic words and toxic actions, it is a persons own mind, not his enemy or foe, that lures him to evil ways and actions …
Gossip around you is only a mere distraction of the truth within your heart.
BE LOVE, and notice the magical changes.
Crystals for self love: rose quartz, kunzite, morganite
Love and crystals
Laila xoxo

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