Haunted Dolls

Long story, I worked with haunted vessels throughout my life, ( including jewellery ) 2005 I lost slight control of what was happening with my life and became overwhelmed with the spirit messages, i was having night terrors and severe sleep paralysis; I sold all my vessels and all my crystals ( yes sold all my personal collections) I refused to get help or medication, just found myself again by doing things for myself rather than others. And worked massively on grounding ( a permanent grounding ) – I was burnt out. Spirits / entities etc attach to the aura when vulnerable and we are unable to cope with the floods of messages, causing almost a breakdown.
Found my path in wellbeing as a stepped slightly away from spirit and mediumship ; both subjects can over lap slightly.
So cutting this short, I seem to have been pulled back to them, one called out to me recently which was Kellie, i randomly stubbled across her. I then adopted Ella, Bethany, Emma , Poppy, Crystal and Carrie the same week from credential experienced sellers . These vessels won’t be going anywhere, they are mine and I have huge strong connections with each one. They help me with my line of work , helping others. Mine are not for sale. However since this I have ended up attracting more, heres how:
I came across another doll called Dora on fb market place ; the lady said she has boxes full of dolls which her grandma had and was told by another clairvoyant they are all haunted. Did I want them? So here I am,  (soon to be selling ) each doll I describe will be with what information I have from them so far using from pendulum , emf device and light  up balls, but all work in process, I am not pretending I just haven’t given them all the time they deserve . My middle daughter Angel who is 6 sees spirit and often communicates so I have also added in the information she receives from each one on the bio of each doll I sell as well as my own communication with them.
What is a haunted doll?
Its believed a spirit, or “energy,” can attach itself to an object, then that becomes ‘ haunted’ Often when their work isn’t finished on this earth.
It is questioned are they simply caused by neurons firing in the brain of the haunted doll owners brain? Or are they caused by supernatural, a.k.a. paranormal, forces? I work with mine as experiments , I am still learning and when it comes to spirit or paranormal we dont know the answers, its often about us figuring it out ourselves with note pad and paper backing up and cross referencing evidence.

In addition to this, Spirit attachment and possession are 2 completely different things. 

Spirit attachment is where a spirit attaches itself to an object. Same as you have haunted houses, that’s spirit attachment to a home or land or area. 

Is it ethical selling them?
Big question, I personally think that the vessels make their way to you if they are meant to be, abit like a crystal; the money exchange is classed as an energy exchange and when a vessel you may own is ready for new home you somehow get that message . If the vessel ever becomes distressed then always call an expert/medium in to help as the spirit may need to be released.

In my subscription service you can read much more about my journey and work with them.

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