Hello .

Easier to type than to talk sometimes.

I wanted to reach out and explain what’s happening behind the scenes. My passion for Crystals is something that will never leave me. I will always be selling Crystals and of course working with them. However my core essence is helping others through their challenges, pain, illness and so on. Crystals along with all the additional modalities I use from Reflexology to spiritual healings etc are all helpful to create equilibrium and ease some pains and worries for the short term but the core truth is the work has to come from you. That’s not easy, hence why there are so many external tools we reach out for to help us. Or we think they will help us.

I believe if given the correct coaching , correct formulas , guidance , tools and thought processes you can make that change. And that’s my passion- guiding you and tapping into your what I call Buddha potential. So you can be free from suffering and feel happiness deep within. Over the coming weeks I will be making some of my proven “formulas” to the general public via downloads and worksheets.

Whilst each journey is personal to oneself and can be very complex , there is still a set formula we can follow to ease any anxiety, stress , depression and so on. And I want YOU to be that person who no longer struggles day to day.

~ Laila 💎💫

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