How to connect to crystals 

So when we first get into crystals we are all guilty of diving right in, buying every crystal in sight  , thinking it’s pretty and also perfect and just what we need right now, before long we end up with the biggest ever collection of crystals , some you aren’t even sure if are real or fake and even crosses your mind to start selling … but deep down we know we would feel fraud as let’s be fair we haven’t even connected to their energies and worked with them, all we’ve done is grown the prettiest collection!

So why are we so quick to buy crystals once we discover them ?

Usually that little dopamine fix is quite nice when buying crystals . I am all for growing and expanding  your crystal collection, after all I sell them but I do feel it’s important to connect to their energies and if you haven’t its almost like you are missing out on that whole crystal vibe.

So where to start ? What do you do with your  crystal ? To begin with if you have acquired a large collection already then spread them all out on a table and browse over with your hands and eyes , a relaxed eye gaze, both feet firmly on the ground and see if any call out to you if if it’s by the shape or colour you should get  just a ‘calling’. Hold the one calling inside the palm your hand and it may vibrate in your hand or you may simply just get a nice feeling, feel warmth even the stomach has known to flutter around the solar plexus area, the heart chakra can also flutter. 

When you find that one, or 2 ( try not go above 2 to work with at the moment ) then work with that one, work with it a minimum of 21 days, sometimes crystal can start showing results instantly, other times it’s a process. Journal, date the first day you started to connect with the crystal along with which one you are using, each day make notes about what happened , mood, changes, challenges , then after 21 days reflect over your notes and see if it can be reflective over the crystal you have been working with. So working with crystals – what does that mean exactly ? How can I work with them?

Crystals can be carried around in your pocket, placed under your pillow even in your bath (just make sure the hardness of the crystal is above 7 on the MOHs scale if you place in the bath) you can also place them around your bath. Hold them to meditate with, lay down and place one on an area of your body you feel the crystal wants to go. Sit on an evening holding your crystal, hold the crystal as you sleep, place under pillow. Wear crystals. Lots of ways to work with crystals. I really hope this post helps, any questions message me.

Love & Crystals

Laila xoxo