How to spot a fake moldavite

So I always get asked if my moldavite is genuine. Never offense ever taken as there is so much fake moldavite about and inexperienced Crystals sellers themselves wouldn’t even know.

Sadly I have seen some very successful respected crystal sellers selling fake moldavite-  I believe that its due to their own lack of experience . Due to my professionalism I would never expose that and hope that the customer will figure that out for themselves.

Before I go into detail on how to spot fake I would like to make a few points.

  1. Research your seller, not wasting time identifying if its fake or not, do your background checks on the sellers crystal experience. How long have they been selling crystals? How long have they been working with crystals? Do they work in the wellbeing industry ? Do they have a qualification in Crystal Healing? ( not some online diploma ) Do they have their customers best interests at heart? Whats the sellers ethics? Do they work with the customers best interests?  With that said do not be offended if they will not disclose their supplier with you, its etiquette not to ask and why should they disclose their business information with you. Again by researching your seller you wouldn’t feel the need to ask them as you trust them!
  2. Moldavite is my personal favourite crystals, and proud to say I am a collector and have my own exclusive pieces. ( a blog on my Moldavite connection another day!)
  3. Often the people who are inexperienced with crystals are the ones that ask me if mine is fake, as people who are familiar with moldavite can see from my photos is very genuine. Ask yourself aswell, if you are wanting moldavite and cant tell if its fake then should you be connecting to its energies? Should you work more with softer crystal energies first? With that said they say Moldavite calls you… plus if that’s the case you will connect to the photo of moldavite (if buying online) and it will tell you its real!
  4. My Moldavites are genuine and I have been getting from reputable supplier for over 15 years , even when I sold Crystals both retail and wholesale  in Dubai I used the same supplier. My moldavite  is not treated in any way. The reason I don’t supply the authenticity certificate is adds over £200 to the moldavite and my customers don’t want to pay that, with that said due to the questions asked I may start providing authenticity certificates with an additional fee.

So  Moldavite is a natural crystal that was formed when a meteorite hit Earth and it caused huge amounts  of heated  rock , soils sands etc  into the sky. As the rock fell back down to Earth it cooled, oxidised and solidified from its molten form into the green semi-transparent crystal that we know as Moldavite,  it’s a form of silicon oxidised like a sand, when it cools rapidly mid air is it fell down to the ground the bubbles solidify within the structure of the crystal giving it the mottled look. Moldavite is not direct from a planet or space but contains the particles which have never been discovered on this earth before.

Moldavite is an oxidised form of Silicon (common sand), chemically represented as SiO2. As a consequence of the rapid cooling in mid-air as it fell, bubbles solidify in the crystal giving it a mottled appearance. As I said previously the Moldavite itself is not direct from a planet or space but it contains particles which haven’t ever been found on this earth, aka unidentified external planet chemicals and particles .

People want  Moldavite because it is said to have extra-terrestrial spiritual properties and although the asteroid that hit the Earth can be classed as extra-terrestrial, the rock which Moldavite is formed from is itself Earthen silicon-based type of sand with unidentified external planet chemicals and particles .

The feedback from my customers with the moldavite has been amazing, positive but powerful. Headaches are common when you first connect. I will start to add a section of all my Moldavite feedback shortly.

Starseeds, people connected with ET civilisations often say it gives them a link to ET and other being energies.

It’s a transformational Crystal and I can type endless information on its benefits but rather than overwhelming you with anymore information you can explore that yourself. And if you are reading this then chances are you have researched its capabilities and already decided you want a piece of Moldavite!

Just note: start with 15 mins 3 x a day holding the crystal with feet firmly on the ground until you regulate with its energy. After the 15 mins (or when you feel you have had enough ) grab and hold a piece of black obsidian in your hand to ground and bring you back along with a drink of water. Then journal your experience. Strange dreams , headaches, tingles, lightheaded are all symptoms which may occur. Cleanse with sage / rice in bowl/ selenite dish. Avoid water and salt.

Why is it such a small piece? Can I have a big piece?

My pieces are tiny , hence I make it clear in the description its tiny and show the size in my actual hands, I intuitively choose the piece for you unless you are purchasing over a piece of £100 value.

Moldavite is a semi-precious stone and its value is constantly increasing so has a high price to weight/size ratio. Its usually sold in gms and density over size (you may find a larger piece but will be less dense and weigh less. Moldavite is becoming much more sought after.

The larger the piece the more sought after and higher value . In the last 25 years I have been selling crystals I have seen the value increase massively due to the mines that are now almost dried out.

I am able to get  hold of larger pieces but for serious collectors only and a deposit would need to be made prior.  Just contact me.

Fake Moldavite  is very easy to be lab made, is often glass green , brighter and if you compare photos you can see (its very obvious to me ), the air bubbles can be over exaggerated in fake moldavite, and fake moldavite  has a completely different texture and finish compared to real moldavite. And if you are physical shopping you will know the second you hold it! Hot flush is common! Known  as the Moldavite flush. On the market though I have seen people selling fake moldavite for higher prices again tricking the buyer that its real, bad ethics. Lots of Moldavite pendants on cord are currently circulating which is fake, also moldavite round beads are very rare (they are around but absolutely extortionate )  so if you see those they are often fake aswell.  Real moldavite has more of an ‘natural army green to it’

I really hope this article

helps, its wrote from my  heart and my genuine passion for the most amazing crystal -Moldavite.

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