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Hello . Easier to type than to talk sometimes. I wanted to reach out and explain what’s happening behind the scenes. My passion for Crystals

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Haunted Dolls

Long story, I worked with haunted vessels throughout my life, ( including jewellery ) 2005 I lost slight control of what was happening with my

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Where have I been?

Where have I been? I still question whether being abit raw on my blog posts is a good thing…makes me feel quite exposed. However seems

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compassion love medium

Being Compassionate

Being Compassionate What makes us beautiful is our ability to be genuinely compassionate, kind and helpful. To be there for people and to care for

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twin flame medium

Twin Flames

I have had 2 messages in the last 2 weeks about twin flames. 🔥 so thought I would put an article together. Twin flames are

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self worth medium

Feel Worthless?

Feeling Worthless? Some feel like this every single day. Feels like you have missed the ride ? Feeling inadequate and non existent? Some have passing

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treatment page mala


We have all been caught up in it at some point. The ones with more life experience though or function from an empathic soul and

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