Meet Bear our 5th cat


So this is Bear. I was asked by his lovely breeder if we could give him a loving home because the original family that took him, “didn’t take to him” and handed him back to the breeder with liver failure . Suspected poisoning💔He spent 3 weeks in the vets ( yes 3 weeks ) and his breeder who was one of the most liked and respected cat breeders in UK was giving me regular updates on his progress. After 8 weeks of communication about him ( prior to that we kept in touch due to my other cats ! ) My arrangement was to collect him week commencing the 23rd May. I was waiting confirmation from the lovely lady.

My message was sent Thursday and the lovely lady passed away the Friday. She was ill but her condition was managed , so the passing was unexpected and a huge shock to her family she left behind , her friends and cat friends and that included me 💔 I didn’t know the lady incredibly well and only met her a couple of times but was in awe of her compassion for cats and animals. We built a friendship over the cats , I still feel like she will message me. I am missing the communication so much.

The ladies husband reached out to me and asked me to collect him the Monday. He knew who I was and said Dawn only wanted me to have him and said I was doing so much for him by taking him. I was devastated when collecting him as he and their daughter welcomed me into their home again , probably one of my most painful experiences , I just expected Dawn to come out to me with her bubbly personality handing me over a cat goodie bag and tips and conversation about the cat I was taking.

Fast forward the emotions I had in that 15 minutes of collecting him….

We have him in our home now, he growls at the other cats, prefers to be left alone apart from humans, he is one of the most sociable cats I have come across when it comes to humans , he can’t get close enough to me or my girls. I have no idea why the previous family “couldn’t take to him” and feel sad that Bear ( our naming ) never got off to the start he deserved .

I feel sad that I can’t message Dawn and tell her updates and send photos and even ask her cat advice , but I know in my heart she will know he is safe with us in his forever home.

Love & sparkles always

Laila xxx

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