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When I met the wise old lady many years ago (read the ABOUT section if you would like to know more ) that meeting is what started me off on the journey I was destined for , she was in fact a white witch. My first exploration of energy work was in fact among the Pagan and Wicca communities. I found satisfaction in mixing herbs, dried flowers and oils (and of course crystals), with spells and intention, all done with instruction from a book taken from a library. Before long I was conjuring up my own ‘magic potions’.
The Magik always sat within me (hence the start of my herbal medicine degree) but I went in other directions, more to ailment side of my client and wellbeing, and that side of things lie dormant. However recently the Potions have been unleashed, I had been asked to make up some spells and ‘things’ for some friends and soon after they had cast, crafted or explored the ‘Spell’ they had amazing results. From that I have decided to make up my Spell blends again and will be available as soon as the first batch is ready. Each blend is made at special times and seasons as well as harvested at symbolic times, so much work and preparation goes into each blend. All my Spell blends are vegan and not tested on animals. Each Spell blend will come with a small instruction card. Other than for allergy reasons it is etiquette not to ask what the Spell recipe is. To compliment my Spells I have embarked on my Aromatherapy journey and in a few months will become a member of the IFPA.
My next post will cover understanding Spells and why they aren’t so scary!
Love & Crystals
Laila xoxo

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