Overwhelmed at Christmas?

This time of year we can start to feel over whelmed and question ourselves if we are reaching “expectations”. Usually the expectations are what we have subconsciously given to ourselves.
We always say we will be super organized this year then suddenly realize time is creeping up and remember there is another “gift” to get, another friend to buy for, another gift incase we see someone else. It just goes on and on. Then we have social media and tv adverts making everything look all blissful and perfect for everyone this time of year but in reality lots of us are panicking how will we get chance to wrap gifts without the children seeing, how will I remember to pick the cranberry sauce up. Our minds on overload. Then the tv adverts can often throw us into a compulsive shopping frenzy. We have half of us saying we want to cut back with gifts this year, the other half saying we want our children to have what we couldn’t. We want our friends we buy for to have something more special this time and so on …
Our own inner choices feel like they get taken away and we end up purchasing way more stuff than we ever need.
Breathe and remove yourself from the situation , observe it all like a movie. Think and see what you would like to do and how it will work. Notice your inner voice, notice your silence. Notice there is no stress or anxiety in the current moment. Breathe.
Use this observation and awareness to make the choices you want this Christmas.
Put yourself in control and move to a happy stress free place instead.
Avoid getting caught up in the monster of consumerism and remember life is about creating memories, and giving can be in so many other ways not just the materialist way.
Merry Christmas x

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