What is ANXIETY?
|| Anxiety ||
People suffering anxiety rarely “show” symptoms and you probably couldn’t tell if your best friend suffers anxiety. That’s because people who have anxiety generally avoid all situations that would trigger anxiety or panic attack- This is often how they keep to grips on it. Anxiety is however caused by thinking about something that COULD happen or that has happened. Never in the present moment you will have anxiety, if that makes sense, we are all capable of making ourselves ill with worry, mind games assumptions, anxiety is mainly caused by make-believe scenarios in our mind. Anxiety suffers can also experience relationships closing down and even friendships , as anxiety suffers constantly feel they have something to worry about, even if in their mind they have resolved one issue and understand it to be only a negative thought, chances are they then move on to something else to worry about, its a constant battle and vicious circle. Symptoms can be mild to unexpected panic attacks.
Anxiety effects 1 in 6.
Anxiety can also start when least expected. For many it can start after the loss of a loved one, even after having a baby ( known as PND ) with that said depression and anxiety may slot under the same umbrella but they are in fact different.
Here’s some tips & supplements that can massively lower anxiety levels in my opinion, not in any order.
*** always check with your doctor first. And seek professional medical advice from a local family doctor or naturopath.
*first of all talk to someone*
Whilst anxiety is connected to mental health it is different from depression so make sure you have an idea of how you are feeling. As there are also recommended crystals for depression.
Here are my top 5 crystal suggestions for people suffering anxiety.
Please note each person resonates differently, so what works for one may not work as effective for another. So as you read, see which one appeals to you and you connect with.
Without question, my top recommended crystal for anxiety is Lepidolite (Kunzite close second, with slightly softer energy)
Lepidolite – contains lithium which is often administered by Doctors to help treat various types of mental illness, more so when its severe. Which explains its huge calming affect. It can help prevent panic attacks and helps us love ourself and everything will be OK.* my personal favourite*
Kunzite – also contains lithium which is also something prescribed by doctors to treat anxiety. Kunzite is also very effective to help keep panic attacks at bay and helps us feel safe and gives confidence, it brings tranquility and surrounds us in love
Agate – offers continuous nurturing support and protection making us feel safe
Rose quartz – self love, calming makes us feel loved
Petalite – another crystal which has lithium. Petalite connects is to the angel kingdom so offers love and support and surrounds us in calming loving energy.
Blue kyanite – connects us also to angelic realms brings in clarity and self understanding offering a calming effect.
Moonstone – helps bring back the sparkle, the feminine side, and your woman power.
* Also i always-always recommend Yoga, – do Yoga
Hope this helps , any questions contact me direct.
Please remember crystals are used as a tool not instead of medical treatment.
1. Get adequate sleep
2. Exercise
3. Magnesium supplement
4. Tissue salts ( magnesium & Kali phos )
5. Keep hydrated , lots water
6. Avoid caffeine / stimulants
7. Take Patrick holford brain food ( I personally swear by this )
8. Ginkgo beloba is an option
9. St. John’s wort also an option
10. Eat a balanced diet
11. Crystals
12. Check deficiencies, (following a Vegan diet I have to keep check on this)
Take the supplements which you are lacking
12. Write gratitude
13. Reduce work load. Be realistic about what you want to achieve in a day. (Smart goals)
14. Yoga

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