Secrets to Happiness

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We are always chasing happiness , looking at how we can fill that void of sadness or just searching for that happiness, that everyone on social media seems to have apart from ourself
There is a pattern in the traits of what a ‘happy person’ seems to have. The more I divulged into this subject the more corresponding information I found. The 4 Pillars of Happiness is the strategy that seems to be the magic formula. Various motivational teachers have used this strategy also, they just adapt and change it slightly to fit their context of delivering to the audience.
We need to feel understood, recognised , valued and find our own ‘tribe’. We like to feel like we matter to others (almost like loved by others) Belonging can change its meaning as we evolve through life. From belonging in that relationship, belonging in that friendship , and then. Belonging in that yoga class, study group or even belonging in that bookclub.
Purpose is what is ahead , that goal that influences and motivates our behaviour. Its almost like a self identity of serving and allows us to make a contribution to the actual world. It is what also influences our behavior of achieving.
People with purpose are stronger and more resilient , they over come obstacles as challenges rather than seeing them as a barrier. With purpose we drive through life the good and bad with mission to accomplish our goals. ‘Purpose’ doesn’t have to be huge, it can be as simple as ‘purpose to support my children’ purpose to cook healthy meals all week, purpose to serve your clients or customers with a smile. Purpose can of course be big and thats also great. To want to have a bigger purpose and impact is amazing but a small purpose is equally as purposeful.
Storytelling is something we all do. We access our experiences in our minds and assemble them into a context which will make ourselves and others understand our lives.
Again , this allows and gives us an identity in the world. It highlights why things happen and why things happen that particular way. Often reflecting on childhood experiences, and significant moments in our life. And listening to other peoples stories can also help us make meaning. Telling stories which define themes of redemption love and growth all associate with more meaning of life.
When we have a transcendent experience we feel like that mystical experience has taken us to a higher reality. These moments can take place at art galleries, meditations, walks in the woods or moments beneath the stars. They help remove the sense of self and leave us feeling connected to something, bigger more vast and meaningful. These moments ‘connect’ us back to the universe.
Any anxieties about existence and there after dissolve and for that moment, as if such experience life makes sense , this leaving us feel peaceful and a healthier state of wellbeing.
These experiences flood our lives with wellbeing and meaning. We all have space to make some meaning in our lives. Something which has more value in meaning than self gratification. Searching or even implementing meaning doesn’t necessarily mean climbing mountings or even traveling. Meaning is always here and now we just need to recognise, cultivate and embrace it.
My experience
These 4 pillars are accessible to everyone. As you surf the internet, some of these are adapted, different words used , phrased differently, but the core is the above. However, Yoga practice and my crystals are a huge part of my happiness strategy as well. Used as a tool, they amplify the 4 pillars.
Crystals I would suggest for Happiness:
– Clear quartz : instant projection of positivity, almost a tonic, wraps and shields you in white light, reflecting off any negativity.
– Carnelian: ‘ happy stone’ holding carnelian can give you an instant energy boost and life the mood. Also helps self esteem which can cause unhappiness. Keeps you focussed on happiness too.
– Aura Variety: any of the Aura crystals promote humour, happiness and not to take life so seriously

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