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With all the current heavy energies in the world at the moment I wanted to create something to combat the negative energies and this LOVE blend came to me through in a dream.

It was created to clear any negative energy, or even entities in the home using the energy of love. The blend helps push out darkness. It has ingredients to cleanse and clear, and it has ingredients to seal any negative portals and to protect the home with a intentional high-vibrational love energy. The blend is a very positive happy and loving vibration. It also uplifts people in the home.

Uplifting  the energy of the home and people in it. It has very happy and loving vibrations.

It will help clear all heaviness and leaves the room with a light clear positive energy. This clears whilst leaves a loving energy.

It has ingredients which also teaches us to love ourselves.

Amazing reviews .

Use this blend on charcoal. (Instructions included)
Magick + Reiki Charged + Intention

🌱🌙 10 gms small paper bag to keep costs down and eco friendly. You only need a tiny bit on your charcoal.

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