Mangano pink sphere 10cm 1.5kg


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Mangano pink sphere 10cm 1.5kg

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Mangano calcite pink sphere giant

Mangano Calcite is a loving deep crystal which nurtures us, and tells us ‘you are loved.’

It reminds us to be kind and gentle to ourself. It also teaches us Self love, and love one another, helpful if been feeling bitter about someone or even bitter towards our self. It helps with those negative self loathing though and self criticism it creates a lovely dreamy bubble of compassion around us
It teaches us to accept love and have self-love.
Due to its dreamy compassionate energy it also reduces stress levels, anxiety and tension. ; it helps to remove fears.

It is my personal first choice of crystal for anyone having nightmare including children who suffer night terrors and nightmares.
Mangano Calcite heals the heart chakra and fills the heart with self-love, and encourages love for all others. . Mangano Calcite also helps heal inner pain and past abuse and supports PSTD by filling one with a sense of warm, secure love. You only receive the sphere in the photo, other items are props

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