Rid it / banish the habit Incense


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Rid it / banish the habit Incense



This blend will help those who are battling any type of addiction whether stimulants, alcohol, food , substance , gambling, compulsive shopping and over spending .

The blend is a powerful recipe to help cleanse the aura and lose the attachment to any habits that are unhealthy or bring you harm. When used the energy field around you feels lighter and has more clarity and helps with those *needs*. Acts as appetite suppressant also when smouldering

Amazing reviews .

Use this blend on charcoal. (Instructions included)
Magick + Reiki Charged + Intention

🌱🌙 10 gms small paper bag to keep costs down and eco friendly. You only need a tiny bit on your charcoal.

Please note* as with any addictions or illness, always consult your GP or naturopath for additional support. First step is admitting you have a problem.

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