Selenite Wand / Dagger



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Selenite Wand / Dagger

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These Selenite daggers / wands can be used as an energy wand during healing treatments, they  are  used also like sage would be to remove all the negativity from the aura, (video coming soon ) basically very effective as a good energy cleanse and can be used as charge grids for your crystals and healing jewellery, selenite enhances our psychic ability and also intuition, it’s soft quiet energy helps messages come thorough. Brings clarity, warmth and safety
Also the chakra symbols  are on each wand enhancing a chakra reboot and helps create equilbiam. Symbols themselves are very powerful.

Really are amazing if used as a wand to cleanse the whole aura , even my daughters say wow when I have given then a aura cleanse with it  Video on my Instagram how to do this ! Works like magic !

measures approx 25cm

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