Wicca Home Door Protection


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Wicca Home Door Protection



Wicca home protection to hang on your door.

These came to me at midnight on feb 22. I literally woke up , went downstairs and went into my craft room and made one, semi asleep or some mediative state? 👽

For years people have hung witches bells on their doors to keep evil spirits away and bad luck away and to encourage good health for all those that live in the home 🏡. These have vintage brass bells , a protective hag stone and lots of lace and ribbon along with hemp string. Oils, herbs & blessings also applied with additional rituals added at February’s Snow moon 🖤 They will take all weathers but the rustic look means it’s doing it’s job! Hang outside , on your door with a small stick-on hook, or nail it into your wall with a small tack. Feel safe in your home and feel the change in energy 💖👽🔮PERFECT GIFTS

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