Spells – How they work

Laila wellbeing third eye white witch sheffield
Laila wellbeing third eye white witch sheffield

For me, once I read Master Key System by Charles F Hannel in 1999 I realised Spells were all about intention. The stigma attached to spells was apparent that thats all it was stigma. ‘Witches’ is often the term used for the person who crafts the Spell. White witches in my opinion in the 18th Century where simply people who made their own natural remedies with natural resources, like flowers, plants, crystals, stones , and so on. With weather, seasonal and moon influence. They were simply the people that ill people would go to in hope to feel better.
I am sure there is more complexity than that, and what my interpretation is a very basic opinion, and hope it doesn’t cause offence, but I needed to explain my own philosophy before giving my opinion on Spells.
So from Charles F Hannel book The Master Key System then came The Secret, game changer for most but for myself old news I had been practicing Law of Attraction for years, not only from making my own potions/spells and positive affirmations but from reading the Master Key System by Charles F Hannel. So to dilute this whole article what I am saying is Spells are simply a wish to make things happen, an intention a positive affirmation, if the intention is right and you support your Spell request through pro active positive actions then you cant go far wrong in my opinion. Researching old herbal books , my life experience, , researching 18th Century remedies, and my own trial and error with Spells is what helps me make my own Spells that I share today. I have many success stories with my Spell Blends
All my Spell blends are vegan and not tested on animals. Hand blended with 100% Essential Oils and Gemstone Essenses, herbal extracts are harvested ethically and harvested at certain moon phases, rituals taken place too, then based on my knowledge and experience and alchemy, I then blend mix and bless. Other than for allergy reasons it is etiquette not to ask what the Spell recipe is. To compliment my Spells I have embarked on my Aromatherapy journey and in a few months will become a member of the IFPA.
Spell blends can be used as talismans, carry around in the bottle, dabbed on the skin and used to rub in the hands and bring through the Aura. Can be used also in the bath and base of the feet in the shower. Even add a couple drops on your pillow, the Spell blends also work beautifully with other Spells, and to anoint candles, use in your own rituals and meditation. The Spell blends are very powerful so use cautiously and sparingly, they are economical and each 10ml bottle should last a while.
Each Spell blend will come with a small instruction card. I also take requests for Spell blends, as long as it abides with my code of ethics.
Spells to me are simply concoctions of natural remedies to make you feel better and help manifest your dreams!
Love and Crystals
Laila xoxo

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