Supporting Mental health during corona virus

Mental health support during corona

Many personality types will struggle at the lock down part. Its OK all those dictating just stay inside, do what you are told: just stay home, follow government guide lines , some people will really struggle with this instruction Not because of selfishness or being rebellious and not liking to be told what to do but simply genuinely struggling . Not all personality types will be able to adapt to this very clear instruction, whether diagnosis or not , label or not , we don’t need a label or diagnosis to qualify if we are to admit we may be struggling with a simple instruction of staying home. Flip side, no one likes being told what to do (generally) and we can even fall into the want it more category because we cant go out so wont to go out more!

Many mental health or just general wellbeing advice always includes getting out, networking and so on its sooo important for actual mental health.

Aside from that , many people suffer day to day anxieties, stresses and worries, so something like the Corona Virus is certainly going to send those already anxious minds on over drive.

So what can we do to keep as level headed as possibly during this challenging times?

  1. I will of course first mention the crystal lepidolite. It works as a tonic as contains a fine concentrate of lithium in.
  2. As long as no contraindications burn lavender oil, no synthetic oils and never leave flame unattended, this will help mellow your mood
  3. Also sage or use palo santos your space/home to clear the air (see article on smudging)
  4. Make a spiritual shrine , with crystals, statues , etc that makes you feel mindful and reminds you to be mindful. If you have one already, give it a spring clean.
  5. Eat mindful, use this time to really value your body and only eat foods that are full of healthy nutrients
  6. Pick up on a hobby you haven’t touched in a while or start a new one.
  7. Read, how many of us have books we have bought excitedly but never got round to reading?
  8. Animals are natural healers, we all heard the stories of pets taken to care homes for elderly and vulnerable to pet and cuddle, studies have shown this helps mental health (as are children) so give your pets some extra lovin.
  9. Drink plenty water, they often say give a crying toddler a glass of water, (after ruling everything else out obviously ) their mood changes and they stop crying, we all get grumpy when dehydrated
  10. Keep your living space as clean and tidy as possible – this isn’t meant to give you additional pressure though!
  11. If you have children , connect, play games, however don’t be so hard on yourself for not completing the homeschooling tasks, last week all I felt was pressure when social media was drowned by children sat around the dining table doing their school work… Us- we couldn’t even find the learning packs Monday morning, emails coming through all directions of childrens study resources, my brain doesn’t work too well when ambushed with information. I felt so rubbish seeing everyones home set up, children with pens paper and books , some photos children even had uniforms on (saying to keep the children into routine) Public praises going out to their children … I am like.. is life really like that, then as we all know social media is often or sometimes false you find yourself being convinced it must be how things are meant to be as practially everyone is posting it…. My point here is if you feel abit like that, like i did , then step away from social media for abit, doesn’t do our mental health any good.
  12. Which moves on to my next point. Educate with up to date facts and government guidelines but don’t over whelm yourself with the additional fear mongering, random messages etc.
  13. Finally meditate. No excuse, headspace have provided lots of free resources, starting at just 4 mins per day.

Actually no finally is message me- reach out to me.. no I am not a GP or healthcare professional but I am a fully  insured life coach so maybe I can help a little


Do share this article and also my youtube video with friends if you think it could help .


Laila xx

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