Twin Flames

twin flame medium
twin flame medium

I have had 2 messages in the last 2 weeks about twin flames. 🔥 so thought I would put an article together.
Twin flames are *not* soul mates. So try not to confuse the 2. Soul mates are perfect matches ( part of our spiritual family )
Twin flames on the other hand are our mirrors and extremely passionate and intense. Twin flames can also be intensely painful, similar to starcross relationships everything is against them being together yet feels so right when they are. . Twin flames help us awaken ourselves and through our twin flame we show our raw authentic self.
Often with twin flames open you up to a completely new way of thinking which can be about our actual self, they teach us about ourselves often knowing us better than we know ourself. With twin flames often you discuss society, outlook you exchange ideas, beliefs, politics, religion, and so on. They have often “awakened” you because of their love.
Sometimes the relationship can be so firey and intense it can be too much. The connection can be too intense when not together causing issues and more fire.
When you are with them they feel like home. Upon meeting them, you have a physical connection that can’t be explained and a mental connection that also can’t be explained – almost like you have known this person before. Your connection is too intense for you to have just been strangers – there is a deep feeling of familiarity and safety when you’re with them.
They identify parts of you that you hadn’t found yet, they are like yin yan helping you discover your own self. Sometimes bringing pain to the surface and transformation.
You almost become irrationally emotional when you’re with them and when apart, which are usually feelings and emotions that’s have been suppressed , again reminding you they are genuine feelings so you can help heal.
The bond between twin flames can be described as instantaneous, and your relationship can move very quickly. Almost like you known each other all along and are simply catching up. This only grows over time, and the more you get to know about them, the more absolutely in unconditional like or in love you are.
While you experience incredible passion for this person, there is also a lot of worry and uncertainty. You will find yourself analysing and over thinking and questioning what it is you are feeling… is it love? … and is it what it’s suppose to be? It cant be described.
You have a significant and profound connection that must be destined, but you come into one another’s life at the wrong time, or something else stands in the way of you being together. Similar to star crossed lovers.
You are more than just lovers. You are one another’s teachers, best friends, therapists, shoulder, support , rock , guru and so on. You have such a deep and many layered connection that you do a lot more for one another than just be physical.
One of you is more “spiritually” inclined than the other. The other influenced by the spiritual one but the other more practical. You teach one another the virtues of how you react , think and behave – that is part of your purposes
You feel very in touch with their frequency , almost attuned to them, almost telepathically. You can feel their pain often what they’re feeling, or know what they’re thinking even when not communicating.
When you look into their eyes, you have seen this person before.
You will have a at least one fundamental thing in common. Mums birthday same as theirs for example.
Finally – They teach you what you most want and desire as well as introduce you to your fears – their purpose is to help introduce yourself to your actual self. Obsidian is an ideal crystal for you and your twin flame. (above see black obsidian heart photo) One each will help the journey. We also sell these amazing Red thread Twin Flame bracelets. , Twin flames are known to be connected by a red thread.
Love and Crystals
Laila xx

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