Whats the story with Aura’s? Are they fake?

So whats the story with Aura Quartz.? Is it fake? Does it still work?

So, quality Aura always starts with a high quality Gemstone / Crystal. That quality matters.

Then the crystal is super heated , bonded with various metals and colourful vapours. The treatment is known as vapour deposition , the crystal is heated to above 900c in a vacuum chamber then the metal vapour is added. The atoms in the metal fuse molecularly to the crystals actual surface. There for the silica is lost, but gives the dreamy iridescent luster. This little alchemy bonds the gold into the crystal lattice.

So as the crystal structure is altered, to maintain the energy of the crystal its always important the crystal is of high quality before the aura treatment begins

So Angel Aura is usually bonded with platinum or silver, rainbow auras often metals like niobium and titanium.

So, a ‘bad aura crystal ’ would be a piece of glass which is infused, a low quality gemstone which is coated with synthetic shimmers.

Knowing a good quality Crystal Aura comes with experience, always double check your sellers experience and length of experience with crystals and geology of crystals, , in a addition to this its always worth buying from a supplier who may work in the wellbeing industry also,  as that way you have a level of trust that your seller has your best interests at heart,

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