Where have I been?

Where have I been?

I still question whether being abit raw on my blog posts is a good thing…makes me feel quite exposed. However seems many read my posts and I get asked a few questions ( not always crystal related ) Thank you to those that still follow me from Dubai from my old sparklefairy account which had over 22k thousand followers.
So where have I been? Since October to be realistic I had an asthma flare up added in a viral infection, and only now it has finally been controlled, more so after a particular horrendous 4 weeks. I have had to make drastic changes to my life too, whilst I only generally use natural cleaning products at home due to triggers, I have had to also avoid any perfumes on my skin, lotions , etc. and never leave the house without a scarf covering my mouth.

I am now on Fostair, (pink inhaler) 4 x a day.
The symptoms haven’t vanished completely but I will say 80% better. I have to sacrifice because the side effects aren’t so pleasant , tremors , shakes and restlessness 🙁

With that said for now its better than the asthma, I really can’t comprehend how asthma effected my every day life so much, it got to the point where I couldn’t even hold a conversation or even eat without coughing …. Functioning daily was an issue, I couldn’t think straight or focus , let alone work on clients (some of which understood and I rescheduled to another date , other clients have absolutely no idea I suffer from asthma) I lost sleep as was coughing all night and suffering dyspnea, I was very sad, frustrated, fed up , starting to worry and even embarrassed. As much as I hid it from my partner and my poor girls they saw how I was suffering, and even my girls would ask me when will I get better.

The coughing has left me with pulled muscles and ribs on my left which can take another 2 weeks to heal and also 2kg body weight lighter. Although I am unable to reduce my Fostair medication anytime soon I definitely hope I will be able to reduce it in a few weeks, I really don’t want to be on that stuff for the rest of my life!
So I am back on the mend, and already planning a half marathon run for AsthmaUK.
Next week I hope to be back in the gym…..

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