Laila Wellbeing Holding Crystal
Laila Wellbeing Holding Crystal

For years I have been self aware. Aware of what comes out of my mouth to how the other person could react. Sensitive to peoples problems and understanding,  and making effort to accept that we are all different.
Also aware of my very own thought / thought patterns and cycles.

Having self awareness is a nice thing but I hadn’t quite achieved that “acceptance” and neutral state of it-is-what-it-is without having an aversion feeling creeping in.
Whilst I am abit of a Christmas warrior , I have 3 children after all. Christmas is always a challenge for me ( without going into personal detail ) This Christmas was the first time I actually felt “neutral”. I had genuine acceptance of the situation. It felt toasty almost a feeling that i had taken a neutral pill to make things “OK”
To thank for that toasty feeling would be Kadampa Buddhism and the hours I do per week training my mind through Kadampa Buddhism. Change doesn’t happen over night. It’s all a process. I still don’t have the feeling ‘full-time’.

But there was a definite change in my mind this Christmas thanks to Kadampa.


Love & crystals

Laila x