Women’s Circle Coming Feb 2023

A women’s circle is unique and powerful, it’s the act of gathering with other women which creates a revolutionary act of sisterhood when we currently live in a society that likes to keep us busy and apart.

We don’t have to be all best friends but we are a safe space for each other with non-judgment.

Women’s circles date back to pre-historic times, when women would gather to prepare food and share stories. However, the feminine tradition of the circle was disrupted as society developed and became more linear.

Since the pandemic I have sensed a real craving for sisterhood. There isn’t much space in women’s lives for community which is why i have launched these structured circles.

It is a sisterhood connection where we can gather in a community, in an environment to explore our rich inner world without judgement.

It’s a relatively simple practice of women coming together to sit and share – circles have been taking place for thousands of years. At their simplest, women’s circles are where women sit together in a circle around a central alter (which can be anything from a candle to an intricate crystal grid). There are then opportunities to talk and listen, you are welcome to  hold something like a crystal when it’s your turn to speak. This is optional. 

Importantly, other women don’t offer advice or pass judgement. It’s not therapy, but a safe space to hear and be heard. The point isn’t to problem solve and that can be a relief, especially if you are prone to overthinking about the right thing to say. It’s letting each other talk without eagerly waiting for your turn to talk.

There’s no set way for women’s circles to run and the rituals of each are different. Some of my circles will incorporate , meditation, music , craft, food, moon phases or pulling tarot / Oracle cards. Whilst I aim to theme each circle we can also be lead where the circle goes naturally. It’s a chance to tap into your inner feminine goddess if you want, or simply just a place sit down with other women and find sisterhood, and solidarity.

So much love,


Laila xoxo

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